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Girl Creatives Unleashed-Summer Art Camp for Girls

Girl Creatives Unleashed-Summer Art Camp for Girls

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Register your child for this one-week pilot camp designed to build self-confidence and self-expression through self-care for girls, while encouraging entrepreneurship in the arts. The camp will serve as a multidisciplinary arts hub designed to enhance your child's self-esteem and enhance academic performance. Our summer arts camp is designed to foster creative thinking, problem solving and enhance command of fine arts principles to shape the world’s future artists. Our camp is founded upon the belief that art has healing power in helping shape developing, young minds. As girls navigate the challenges of growing up in a world that places many demands on them, art is a valuable tool proven to help youth build self-esteem and create an outlet to manage stress and regulate emotions. That's why our camp is designed to foster exposure to various art disciplines as a tool to help young girls get into the practice of making time for "me" to find an outlet for expression, emotional regulation and self-management as they unlock their identity and unleash their unique form of self-expression through the arts.

Campers will participate in a variety of fun, hands-on activities to gain exposure to painting, digital art and design, photography, creative writing, and bookmaking and how to forge careers in the arts. Painting and digital art camp activities will be led by BAPART owner and artist, Brandie Adams. Photography workshops will be offered by Liz Williams, of Liz by Designs and owner of Studio 270. Jewelry Making workshops will be led by Dionne Cutting, owner of Ujulwami Creations.

We are also recruiting instructors for sewing, dance and theatre arts. Email info@bapart.store to recommend instructors.

Bios for instructors covering other camp modules will be listed here as they become available. We are wrapping up recruitment for our instructors.

Date: June 19th-23rd

Location: Studio 270 Photography Studio at Threadmill Complex in Austell, GA

Ages: 8-12 (20 spots available)Hours: 9 am-1pm

Cost:Early bird registration fee: $175 for entire week if purchased by April 1st.

Late registration Fee: $200 if purchased after April 1st

Registration closes May 25th

Freebies: kids will receive a free sketchbook, journal and t-shirt. Art supplies are provided.A culminating event will be held at the end of the camp featuring the work of campers.

Camp workshops are described below:

Self-Discovery Workshop

This camp is designed to help youth discover who they are, enhance skills in self-expression and build their self-esteem. Through guided creative coaching sessions, campers participate in creative games to help them become self-aware and gain practice expressing themselves creatively.

Photo Lab

Campers learn photography basics, including how to hold a camera, composition rules, lighting and how to photograph a subject. Students will have access to props and costumes to create their own photoshoot designed to help them feel beautiful.

Design Workshop

This camp gives youths experience using modern, professional design and digital art software like photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Campers build confidence using technology to solve real-world problems as they learn design principles and practice making digital art and graphics. Students must bring their own devices (laptop or tablet) to participate in this module until we identify a sponsor to cover the cost of the equipment.

Paint Lab-Field Trip to Austell Parks and Recreation Site

Campers study the work of painting masters while learning the fundamentals of painting including color, line, shape, form and texture. In fun hands-on singing experiments, children will paint their own self-portraits and landscapes in natural outdoor settings.

Words and Binds

This camp helps youths learn various creative writing techniques, including poetry and fiction.As campers learn to become their own authors, they will design their own books that house the writings they create during the camp.

Sewing Workshop

Campers will learn basic sewing with needle and thread to prepare for advanced sewing techniques. Projects will include sewing pillows and accessories, including fabric bracelets, belts, and sashes.

Princess Zen Day

Campers will participate in a kid-friendly spa day where they learn to relax and unwind to relaxing music with candles, uncaffeinated tea, juice and smoothies in a zen environment. They will enjoy kid-friendly manicures, make their own sugar scrubs, and receive pampering designed to make them feel like princesses as they learn mindfulness techniques. Then they will get runway ready to make their modeling debut with they accessories they make in the sewing camp.

Jewelry Lab

Campers will learn jewelry making basic with polymer clay to create their on earrings or bracelets.

Instructor Bios:

Brandie Adams-Piphus, owner of BAPART (www.BAPart.store) has been painting for over 10 years and is a published poet. She has more than 10 years of experience teaching youth art in the public school system and community sector. Her goal is to help youth use art as a tool to tap into something bigger than themselves and embrace their inner strengths. Her art is currently featured in local TJ Maxx Partners stores.

Liz Williams, Owner of Liz By Design and Studio 270 (www.lizbydesignsphoto.com) is a wife, mom, coffee enthusiast and professional visual artist. Knowing that she needed a career that would feed her passion for creativity and give me her the flexibility she craved for her growing family, she opened Liz by Design Photography, LLC in 2013. Through her love for photography, children, and artistic expression, she has had the pleasure to capture life’s sweetest moments for thousands of other growing families all over the state.

Dionne Cutting, owner of Uju Lwami Creations (www.ujulwamicreations.com), makes jewelry inspired by her life, love of travel and living abroad. She makes handcrafted pieces with polymer clay, designed to make women feel their best.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor to provide camp space or equipment, please email info@bapart.store


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