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Our Values

BAPART provides online retail services specializing in the sale of original digital art prints and accessories that bear original digital artwork to women of color (WOC) who are underrepresented in the arts. Our product line includes unique, colorful, and vibrant art designed to increase positive representation of WOC in art and to invoke inspiration/uplift women of color.   

Our core values are listed as follows:


Our vision is to defy normative thinking through art that inspires women of color to break barriers and celebrate what it means to be human in a world markedly shaped by sexism, racism, and hetero normative culture.  Therefore, we aspire to ensure that every community of color has access to moving art that inspires dialogue, connection and advances positive representation of women of color in art and in the arts.


Being a part of something bigger than yourself makes the difference. It’s when we feel the most purpose-driven, grounded, aligned, and a part of a larger community.  Art has the power to inspire people across genders, religions, and cultures.  We believe in the power of art to promote connection and alignment with “something bigger.”  We work together as a community in which every team member is empowered to find the why behind their work and how it helps them carry out their personal mission in life. We work hard to ensure every product and service we provide translates the power of therapeutic art to our customers and helps them feel connected to “something bigger.” This is why our mantra is “Be A Part.”

Mental Wellness and Growth

Our main audience consists of WOC who want to boost their self-worth, manage stress/anxiety/depression, break unhealthy relationship patterns, heal from trauma and own their purpose.   Specifically, we specialize in art for the “Dope Chick,” which is a woman with a growth mindset who is “Potent, Unadulterated and Pure,” as defined below:

  • Potent-Women of power building empires and accomplishing goals
  • Unadulterated-Women who strive to be their authentic selves.
  • Pure-Women have pure intentions toward self and others.

To support our audience, we specialize in creating art that inspires WOC with content focused on the following topics:

  • Mindfulness
  • Self-Love
  • Staying Focused on Goals
  • Embracing Natural Hair/Beauty
  • Coping with Life Challenges
  • Embracing Purpose and Life’s Journey and other topics relevant to potential customers who are committed to personal growth.

We believe that we are only our best at work, when we have a healthy mind ourselves.  This is why we prioritize the mental health and well-being of our team and keep that at the forefront of everything we do.


We believe that creativity is a therapeutic avenue for achieving an overall sense of well-being and happiness. You may not think about mental wellness and stress management when you think about being creative, but according to the Mental Health Foundation, taking on a creative project can have powerful and lasting effects on health and can protect against a range of mental health conditions

We rely on the creativity of our team members to develop innovative solutions that make our customer’s lives easier.  We regularly engage in artistic activities to keep our minds and content fresh and encourage our customers to take on therapeutic creative projects.