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BAPart x My Bold Afro: The Art in My Hair Mini-Series and Giveaway

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Art x The Afro

The Art in My Hair-a 4-part mini-series.

An expose' on art and black hair

A collaboration between BAPart and MyBold Afro

The Intersectionality of art and black hair 

At the intersection of black hair and art are creativity, self-expression, beauty, pain and passion.

The Afro, in all of its grace and candor has suffered centuries of rejection and opression.  She's been told she is not worthy of being seen, ordered to hide behind wigs and weaves, wounded with chemicals to flatten her curves, coils and kinks, to debase herself from her natural majestic stance and stretch towards the sun to fall flat on her knees.

Our parents and parents' parents were taught to look down on their natural hair.  Instead they became experts at altering their hair in order to conform to the requests of unwelcome imperialists.

We've now begun to reclaim the power  our hair so boldly proclaims.  As information and knowledge circulate, black women and men are rising to the occasion and changing the unattractive narrative that has long plagued matters about black hair.  A quick scroll on social media reveals countless melanated people, boldly and proudly celebrating and rocking their natural afro.  And we want to further this revolution.

'At the intersection of black hair and art are creativity, self-expression, beauty, grace, pain, passion and purpose'




About the BAPart and MyBoldAfro Partnership:

Changing the narrative about natural hair and caring for textured hair requires attention, patience and time. As a service booking platform for textured hair stylists and salons, MyBoldAfro strives to simplify the task of finding trusted, reliable local hair stylists that are experts in textured hair, no matter where you are.  Beyond haircare, MyBoldAfro elevates the black hair experience by partnering with artists and stylists to create inspiring and weloming hair stations and work spaces for themselves and their clients.  Enter BAPart, creating art for salons designed to inspire, embolden and celebrate black women working in and portrayed in the arts.  The partnership is a perfect opportunity to draw attention to the beauty of natural hair.  BAPart is a play on the words meaning "be apart" of something bigger through the arts. Art has the power to enliven, motivate and inspire creativity of all kinds, transcending the boundaries of age, creed, religion - the list is endless.  BAPart fantastically represents black women in all their glory, crowned in their natural hair, as beautiful as can be.  With this partnership, we are uniting two worlds of creativity and expression: art and hair.  For black women, by black women.

In this expose’, we discuss our personal stories, entrepreneurship, mental health and real-life struggles as we chronicle the early stages of our growing small businesses.  we hope that this expose' inspires you and gives you a glimpse into our world as black women boldly rocking their natural hair, expressing freely with art.

To commemorate our partnership we are hosting a giveaway.