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5 Steps To Personalize Your New Home with Dope Art and Make a Statement

Home decorated with BAPart

You’ve weathered the storms of closing on your new house and all the drama of house tours, anxiety over choosing the home that is the best to grow your family at the right price point in the right neighborhood.  Now you have your keys in hand and a sense of accomplishment as you walk into the front  door you take in the new empty space.  You've got plenty of space to fill up to make your home a place where you and your family can thrive.  Lots of wall space to hang art prints and family photos, wall shelves even.  The possibilities are endless.  Your mind is abuzz with new ideas, but how do you channel them and make your vision a reality?

Decorating a new home can be challenging. Every home owner wants to personalize their space to make a quaint getaway for themselves. Your home is where you will decompress at the end of a long stressful day.  It is where you will make lasting memories with your loved ones.  You'll have movie nights and holiday parties.  You want your space to be your haven, be welcoming to others, but most of all you want your space to give back to you and make you feel good about yourself.  Remember the purchase of your new home marks your season of transformation. You should  choose art that helps you feel anchored into your authentic self and remind yourself of how far you have come and what you have accomplished.  You are dope and the art you choose to adorn your space with should be dope

Revel in Nature

BAPart Art for Melanin Superchicks Series

We've consulted with designers and artists to identify tips and plans for  outfitting your home with dope modern art for the Boss Chick You are.  It's time to take action!

Choose a Room

Rome wasn't built in the day and you can't do everything at once.  To avoid overwhelm start small.  Pick one room to start with first and expand to more rooms over time.  Which room will you be spending the most time in initially?  That is the space you want to start with. Moving into a new home can sometimes come with an unconformable feeling of not completely feeling at home. Getting art up on the walls quickly can add a homey vibe to your space right away but choose carefully. When you select your room, document the size and colors of your walls.  Large scale  art pieces are great to anchor large walls over large furniture items like a couch and can make a big impact.

Large scale art over a couch as part of a monochromatic color scheme

Or if you like variety you can go with a gallery wall and arrange  a host of smaller prints with complementary colors, styles, patterns, and themes. Either way, don't be afraid to fill  up large spaces with art that inspires you. If you have smaller corner walls or nooks, small framed pieces can make a big statement there.

Example of Gallery Wall

The type of room you choose can also dictate the art you choose.  For example, botanical art goes great in bathrooms and still life paintings of fruit are great kitchen accents.  Abstracts and landscapes go great in dining rooms and living rooms. But remember, there are no hard and fast rules.  You do not have to follow this formula.

Examine Your Existing Decor

Take stock of what your existing decor to determine what you want to build upon. What style is your furniture? Do you have a retro vibe? An eclectic vibe? A traditional vibe?  You can choose art that complements the style, patterns, and textures of your existing decor.  For example, architectural art or and geometric art goes great with minimalist, modern decor and metal/cement textures. Botanical art goes great with traditional English or French decor.  The Color of your existing furniture matters somewhat, but not as much as you think, unless you are going for a monochromatic decor scheme using different shades of the same color.  People often get caught in a rut of trying to match the color of their art to the color of their furniture.  This is not necessary. Choosing the right art for your space is all about complementing your decor and adding variety in texture and color, which means sometimes you may choose colors that are opposite of what you have. You can use a color wheel to determine which colors go well together. If you are using a monochromatic scheme, pick a color on the color wheel and go down the strip to determine the different shades of the color you will use in accent items and art pieces.  If you want more variety and visually complex stimuli, try using complementary color schemes--the colors opposite each other on the color wheel, e.g. green and red or blue and orange.  Or you may use the colors next to each other on the color wheel (analogous colors) to create a sense of balance and harmony. If your furniture is neutral color, try choosing art with bold and bright, rich colors to enliven your room.  Conversely, if you already have a lot of color in the room, choosing more muted art may be the way to go. Either way it goes, choose art that you are drawn to and let that lead you. The art you choose should bring you joy, feel intoxicating, and make a powerful statement.

Use a color wheel to select the right art

Get Inspired

Pop open a home decor book or your favorite catalog to get inspired. When you come across something you like, take a moment to examine what it is that you are drawn to in your inspiration photo.  Is it the colors in the room?  The style of decor? The type of art and accent items?   The placement of the furniture?  Don't be afraid to replicate what you see.  Things to look for are color scheme, placement, accent items, decor style (traditional, modern, shabby chic, retro, minimalist, provençal, etc) and art type (portraiture, figurative art, abstract, botanical, word art, still life, landscapes).  BAPart prints consist of a mix of botanical, portraiture, abstract, and figurative art.

Figurative art from BAPart

Ocean Color Scheme Prints from BAPart

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Pick a Vibe

It helps to start thinking about how you want to feel when you enter the room you select.  Do you want to feel calm? Invigorated? Sexy? Light and airy?  Use the vibe you want to feel as a jumping off point for selecting the right art for your space.  Choose oceans colors if you want to feel calm, botanicals for feminine vibes, or figurative/nude art for a more sensual feel.  Sometimes choosing a theme can help narrow your selection of art.  For instance, you could choose to build a collection of art from different eras. Or you might choose art representative of a specific culture, i.e. black art, latin art, etc.  For a more cohesive, curated experience, consider building a collection of art from your favorite artist's body of work.

When you don't have time to look around for art and you want to save yourself the headache of endless searching, hiring an art consultant can help you save time and make the art buying process seamless.  An art consultant will work with you to set a budget and help you find the best pieces that fit what you are looking for. Many will coordinate framing, transport and  and installation of your art too.

BAPart offers consultation to help you select art to build you private or corporate art collection.  We will collaborate with you to identify your personal tastes, examine your current decor, and acquire, frame, and install art in alignment with your budget.

Schedule an appointment to learn more about BAPart art consultation services.

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