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Stay Woke

BAPart Digital Art Prints believes in the power of art to awaken the soul and unleash powerful vibes. Which of our prints resonates with you most? We are women and minority owned.

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Dopeify Your Space

BAPart is for Melanin Superchicks who want to remind themselves how dope they are. Personalize your space so when people enter your home, they know who you are.


Art That Makes You Feel "Something Bigger"

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Art that Moves

Art subconsciously defines the space around you and influences the way you interpret and interact with your environment. Art shapes and is shaped by you. BAPart gives voice to truths that are difficult to put into words. We promise, you will find a moving piece to bring the woke vibes you want to bring into your space.

Digital mural design

Art that Connects

Digital Art is a powerful tool to connect people, create dialogue, and connect communities. BAPart not only helps you bring artful vibes into your personal space, but also helps you bring it into your community and workplace. Contact us to learn more about our virtual youth art camps or our collaborative, computer- based mural design program for community spaces and business.

Art that Defies Standards

BAPart strives to defy normative thinking.  We want you to defy standards. Take home something from our gallery that not only inspires you to think outside the box, but to break the box. Our gallery includes modern art--mainly portraiture--celebrating what it means to be human in a world markedly shaped by sexism, racism, and hetero normative culture.  Our art defies that space.  Nature is a huge motif, as we explore the concept of what is natural and beautiful . Is it in the eye of the beholder or is it something that we must each define innately for ourselves?

Psychedelic Vibes

Modern, fresh, hip, vibrant. This series is for those who are colorful.


Iconic Vibes

The collection for lovers of black history and minimalists. The Low Poly style is contemporary and clean.


Melanin Vibes

Squelch colorist paradigms. Black is bold, opulent, and beautiful. Embrace Melanin Magic.


Shade Game

When haters hate, don your hat, throw them shade and keep it moving.


Dopeify Your Wardrobe

Wearable art sparks conversation.


Dopeify Your Mindset

Journal it Out


Dopeify Your Accessories

Phone cases, home decor and more


My prints were dope. I love them so much, I can't stop staring at them. The printing quality is archival, true to color and when I enter my space, I feel brighter.


The Color Matching Service was everything!!!! I didn't have to guess what to buy together. My BAPart consultant suggested companion pieces for me.


I was new to art collecting, and BAPart showed me resources for how to collect and choose the right art. It took away the guesswork.


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