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Dopeify Your Space

BAPart is for Dope Chicks who want to remind themselves how dope they are. Personalize your space so when people enter your home, they know who you are.

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Dopeify your Wardrobe


Dopeify Your Mindset

Journals for you to write it out.


Commissions Open

our Fall Sale is here! Buy one commissioned digital painting and get the second for half off! Discount automatically applies at check out. These make great gifts! Sale ends 10/31 so hurry!

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Stay Woke


I love the way BAPart uplifts women of color. Her art and accessories embodies strong black women and shows us as the strong queens we are.


My prints were dope. The printing quality is archival, true to color and when I enter my space, I feel brighter.


BAPart uses bold bright colors that glow and her art makes my soul glow. I love how her work portrays black women in a positive light.


New Arrival: Journaling for Dope Chicks

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Your power is yours to own. Take form and stand in who you are. You have dominion.


The Gardener's Parable Collection

Be the flower. The toughest flowers grow through concrete. Over the centuries, artists have captured the rich symbolism of flowers, tracing the changing meanings of roses, irises, tulips, carnations, and more. Depending on the context, a single flower can represent reproduction or decay, or purity.

Three prints are in this series


Living Room Flow

Living rooms are where we anchor ourselves and unwind at the end of the day. What's your living room flow?


Plant Love

Prints for nature lovers, including florals, mountains, and plants

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The Best Things Come in Threes

Bundle and Save

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Hair on Fleek

Prints celebrating the beauty of natural hair.

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Hat Love

The collection for those who love hats. Which is your favorite?

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Psychedelic Vibes

Prints for those who love bold color.


Music Love

Low Poly Illustrations of Famous Black Musicians

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Best Sellers

Natural Vibes

There's something about pairing botanical art with natural woods, and fibers in your decor that makes you feel so zen. Bring the great outdoors into your space with this best selling print.

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The Big Chop

Super Dope Chick Vibes from our My Hair is Beautiful Collection.
What is a Super Dope Chick?
A woman exhibiting super powers in her everyday life. We usually think of super humans with magical powers donning capes when we speak of superheroes.

The meaning of superhero in this series is different. A Super Dope Chick in this series may be building a business while raising a family and keeping it all together. She may be finding herself. She may be using her energy to manifest growth. She may be coping with stress.

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Memories Like Mountains

Memories like mountains with their steep inclines and curves must be scaled again and again until you reach the top.

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Paint By Numbers Vibes

Art therapy is a must and these vibrant BAPart paint by numbers kits are perfect to unwind.  These are not your typical paint by numbers kits.  They were developed from our home decor art collection and are specifically designed to uplift women of color.  Now you can paint your own favorite BAPart image for your own home decor.


Dopeify Your Accessories

Phone cases, home decor and more


Dopeify Your Skills

Guides, ebooks and vids to help you hone your Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop skills


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